Terms & Conditions - DTCP

  • The grant of exemption shall be with reference to the Development Regulations for Chennai Metropolitan Area and the Development Control Regulations in cases of areas falling within the purview of the Director of Town and Country Planning prevailing as on the date of notification of these rules;

  • The applicant shall assess the violation in the building, workout the applicable regularisation fees as prescribed in Annexure–II and submit the same online for the full assessed amount. If any under assessment in the self assessment, is detected at any stage, the regularization application shall be rejected, the amount shall be forfeited and enforcement action against the violation shall be taken.

  • The Structural Stability Certificate issued by an registered Structural Engineer in cases of Special Buildings, Group Developments and Multi-Storied Buildings in consultation with the competent Geo–Technical Engineer is a pre-requisite for filing the application seeking exemption under section 113-C of the Act;

  • No Objection Certificate and Compliance Certificate from the Directorate of Fire and Rescue Services for Commercial Special Buildings, all Multi-Storied Buildings and all public buildings is a prerequisite for filing the regularization application under section 113-C of the Act;

  • The plans accompanying the applications for Ordinary, Special Buildings, Group Developments and Multi-Storied Buildings irrespective of usage category of the building have to be signed by the Registered Architect / Registered Civil Engineer/ Licenced Surveyor as per requirement;

  • An affidavit sworn by the applicant in Rs.100/- non judicial stamp paper that planning permission issued for exemption under section 113-C of the Act will not confer any right on the applicant to obliterate acquisition proceedings and to compensation for the building so permitted contrary to the provisions contained in the said Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (Central Act I of 1894) or any other land Acquisition Laws.

  • Any application made by any person for the assessment of amount for exemption who does not have any right over the land or building shall be summarily rejected.

  • In cases where the construction has been made in violation of land use zone, the applicant cannot make any additional construction in future and has to give an undertaking to that effect.

  • Filing an application for exemption under these regulations will not in any way prevent the officials from taking action under any of the provisions of the Act, unless otherwise ordered so by the Competent authority.

  • Consequences of non-regularisation:
    Where no regularisation is ordered under these guidelines for an unauthorised / deviated building; then –
    (a) no electricity, water supply, drainage and sewerage connections shall be extended to such unauthorised / deviated building;
    (b) such unauthorised / deviated building shall not be registered under the Registration Act, 1908 (Central Act 9 of 1908) by the Registration Department.

  • Under Section 54 of the Tamilnadu Town and Country Planning Act,1971 (act 35 of 1972) as amendedin act,22 of 1974, I agree to make any modifications which may be required by any notice issued by any order confirmed by the authority

  • I also assured that the open space around the building to be left or the usage of the building, Including the car parking in ground floor, will be kept as specified in the Regularised plan and it will not be converted into any other use except the purpose for which it is Regularised. If any structural modification or usage differs from the Regularised plan, the DTCP is at Liberty at any time to remove any structural modification or usage and the expenses incurred by the DTCP is recoverable from me for non-compliance of their request or order