Operational Guidelines For

Exemption of Unauthorised / Deviated Buildings


  1. Cut Off date and credible evidence

       The following documents may be submitted for proving the existence of the building on or before 1.7.2007:

    a. Property tax assessment form along with worksheet from the concerned Local Body;

    b. Any Legal / Govt. notice / Govt. Document / Govt. Licence / Certificates, etc. wherein the built up area has been indicated;

    c. Registered Sale Deed / Registered Lease Deed / Registered Rental Agreement / wherein the existing area has been conveyed;

    d. E.B. / Water Supply Service Connection Card ;

    e. Any other relevant documents

    f. The regularisation applications shall be filed online on or before 21.12.2017. No applications will be accepted after 21.12.2017 midnight.

  1. The Guideline Value prevailing on the date of filing of application for regularisation may be obtained from www.tnreginet.net
  2. Applications under process in Sec. 113-A can opt to either get their buildings regularised under the Sec. 113-A Scheme or under Sec. 113-C Scheme.

    a. Those applicants, whose application is under process / refused under Section 113 A of the Act may apply afresh under Sec. 113C of the Act.

    b. the earlier amounts paid by way of Regularisation Fees can be deducted from the total penalty charges assessed and the amount so deducted can be paid online under Section 113 C.

    c. All other charges paid earlier can also be adjusted against the revised charges.

    d. Copies of the payment receipts shall be uploaded online .

  1. In the event of DFRS issuing No Objection Certificate, subject to certain conditions, then the Applicant is required to submit Compliance Certificate to the Competent Authority
  1. In a site earmarked for off-site parking, no application will be given for any development other than parking.
  1. Procedure for Calculation of Penalty Charges:
  2. a) In the event of the entire development being unauthorised / deviated, then the Regularisation Penalty will be charged for the total achieved FSI area at multiples of I&A charges as mentioned in Annexure II

    b) Parking penalty shall be charged as per Annexure II

    c) OSR charges wherever applicable as per Annexure I A shall be levied

    d) Premium F.S.I. charges shall be calculated with reference to the equivalent land area arrived from the excess FSI area constructed over and above the allowable F.S.I. which shall be multiplied by the Guideline Value

    e) Plot Regularisation charges:

        i. Regularisation charges normally collectable shall be levied, in the case of building in an unauthorised sub division / plot / layout

  1. In the case of application for an individual flat / floor / part of a building of residential or commercial  or any other use:-
  2. a) Premium F.S.I. charges shall be calculated with reference to the equivalent land area arrived from the total flat/floor area and then multiplied by the prevailing Guideline Value

    b) In the event of the unauthorised / deviated individual flat/floor, the entire flat/floor area shall be multiplied by the applicable percentile of the I & A charges. The FSI slab shall be taken with reference to the FSI achieved for the building as a whole.

  1. Hard copies of the Sale Deed / Lease Deed / Any other ownership evidence shall be duly self-attested and submitted to the Competent Authority
  1. Applicant has to establish his right over the land and building for which he is seeking regularisation, failing which the regularisation application will be rejected.
  1. Premium FSI charges is the charges levied for the excess FSI area built over and above the FSI allowable as per Development Regulations. The equivalent land area for this excess FSI area built is calculated as given below with reference to the GLV prevailing at the time of filing application: (Excess FSI Area/Allowable FSI as per DCR) X Guide Line Value = Premium FSI Charges